Intensive Courses

  • Almost all of our intensive course customers come from recommendations
  • We recommend that you complete your theory test before starting an intensive course
  • If the following questions do not cover everything you need to know, please feel free to contact us!

How much will it cost?

We charge £280 for 10 hour block booking, or £145 for 5 hour block booking (with a manual car) so that you do not have to commit large sums of money.

When are the lessons taken?

You can fit your bookings around the instructor and yourselves. We would suggest 2 lots of 2 hour lessons per day at different times, for example, one in the morning and perhaps one later in the evening after a rest. This seems to work well as some people start to lose their concentration if they drive for too long and can have trouble absorbing large amounts of information.

How many lessons will it take?

This is difficult as it will depend greatly on your ability, nervousness, how often you have a lesson and whether you have done or are going to do any private practice. It could be anything from 20 hours to 45 hours. Our main aim is to teach people to drive and not just to pass a test. We will not keep anyone on for more lessons than they need to drive safely and pass the test, nor will we take anyone to test unless they are ready. We actively support private practice as this can really help in cutting down on the amount of lessons needed.